Mariniers - 2023 Season

Regular Season 2023*

Season’s rollout

The 2023 Mariniers regular season will start with a spring training camp for players to either renew with the sport or have the chance to learn the basics of baseball. After the evaluation sessions, the teams will be formed by the end of April as the regular season activities will start at the beginning of May.   

In the regular season, Tee ball players will be working as one team divided in small groups to do workstations during their practices. Players for all other categories will be placed into a 10 to 12 players team where the levels and skills are balanced. These teams will play each other in a festive ambiance with music and announcer!

The regular season will conclude at the end of August with the end of season tournament and Gala. 

Consult the 2023 high level calendar to plan your summer accordingly

Competitive Season 2023*

Season’s rollout

The Competitive season will start at the end of April with the tryouts followed by the beginning of the season early May. The teams will represent Trois-lacs Little League at the Quebec provincial championship that is taking place Home this year (!)  from July 10th to the 13th 2023. For the categories Little League (major), Junior league and Senior league the team that will win the provincials will represent Quebec at the Little League Canadian Regionals. In the event that this team wins the Canadian Regionals, they would advance to represent Canada in the Little League World Series.

Additional fees are expected for the competitive team (tournament costs, exhibit games, etc. ). The exact cost will be provided before tryouts. Little League Canada and Little League International pay certain costs (transportation / air, accommodation, etc.) for players and coaches participating in the Canadian Regionals and World Championships (World Series) respectively.

Consult the 2023 high level calendar to plan your summer accordingly

Projected schedule (in addition to regular season schedule)

*The schedules will be revisited when we have confirmation of the fields and the availability of the other organizations. The schedule may exceptionally vary during the season depending on the weather conditions which significantly impact the conditions of the grounds.