Bats – Baseball

There are specific rules for the bat the players will be using. All wood bats are permitted whereas aluminum ones must be USA Baseball certified and wear this logo:

Logo USA Baseball

For more details on Little League’s bat regulations, please consult : Bat Information – Little League

For the size and the weight of the bat, you can use the height and the weight of the player to reference yourself to charts like this one:


Gloves – Baseball

The choice of a proper glove is a key element in the player’s development. An unfit glove could interfere with their development. For the choice of the size, you can use the age and the position of the player to guide yourself in charts like this one:

Tableau des grandeurs de gants

Uniform – Baseball

Trois-Lacs Little League takes great pride in offering a high-quality uniform that the players love to wear. Personalized t-shirt and jerseys along with the baseball caps will be provided by the organization (payable when you register) upon their arrival. In order to complete the uniform, here are the other items all players must have and must be labeled:

  • Helmet (Navy blue)
  • Belt (Navy blue)
  • Socks (Navy blue)
  • Pants (3/4 of full length, grey)
  • Jockstrap (boys only)
  • Shoes with plastic spikes (Blue or black ideally)
  • Baseball bag (or backpack)
  • Water bottle
  • Hands sanitizer

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